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The Best Experience for Your Customers.

The most engaging and frictionless customer experience on the market. Empower your sales team, supercharge your revenue, and turn buyers into fans.

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 Your customers deserve a world-class design experience.

Guide your customers to the purchase of their dreams with 3D product customization and instant price updates.

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Please click here if you are not in the shed, carport, red iron or post frame industries.

Your team deserves a thriving online business.

Empower your sales team to rapidly configure complex structures with accurate price quotes. Save time and energy by giving your customers the ability to self-educate.

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You deserve tangible results.

"IdeaRoom was the best investment we have ever made in sales & marketing. Investments in sales & marketing are always a little uncertain and often don't pay off but there is no question that IdeaRoom was a good decision."

Why IdeaRoom?

Because we make it impossible to lose. 

Fun, Easy 3D Designs

Our consumer-friendly experience allows anyone, anywhere to customize the building of their dreams.

Seamless Quotes

Automated follow-up provides accurate building images, line items & prices directly to you & your customer.

Back-end CRM

Each lead is compiled in our simple back-end system. Assign follow up to salespeople or dealers.

Real Business Results

Enjoy leads that are 2X more likely to close, higher average sales prices, fewer tire-kickers & enhanced sales cycle efficiency.

Ongoing Support

Work with our team of US-based Implementation Specialists who are passionate about the success of your business.

 Constant Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with new features released on a regular basis to provide you with the most competitive tools on the market.


IdeaRoom saves our salespeople time because customers are much further along in the design process before ever speaking with a sales person.  Customers also have fewer questions before buying and don’t haggle as much on price. IdeaRoom has increased our margin per square foot and the size of our geographic region for each sales location.

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Josh P, Shed Depot NC

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