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IdeaRoom for Red Iron

3D design tools for buildings with red iron and cold-formed steel construction. Let your customers & sales people design their own pre-engineered steel buildings without the help of an engineer.

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IFB blast screen tablet April-2021

It’s a genius product because people can visualize what the product looks like.  We get a ton of design requests and the product eliminates mistakes.  Also, the concept of upselling is beneficial as our customers can see the difference between a basic and enhanced design.”

- Bryan Spodek, Wood Kingdom West

Customers are extremely impressed by the configurator. They love generating their own designs and getting immediate feedback. As a sales person, I use the configurator every day. It makes my job easier, and more fun.

- Steve Miller, Cricket Valley Structures

It’s a great product.

- Susan Burr, Boondocks Barns

The tool has been useful and is the best in the market.

- Jim Pond, Post Woodworking

The ease of the 3D configurator gets people to buy more options. As they play around with it, they add things that they normally wouldn't. Suddenly it becomes something they're going to purchase.

- Jon Bartolotta, New England Outdoor

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