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IdeaRoom for Sheds

You take pride in the high quality of your sheds. Make sure your website does them justice. Now your customers can design their own dream structures and place orders that automatically flow to your sales team.

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An experience that speaks for itself.


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This software has been perhaps the single best investment, dollar for dollar, that our company has made in terms of generating sales.

- Marvin Fisher, Fisher Barns

Customers are extremely impressed by the configurator. They love generating their own designs and getting immediate feedback. As a sales person, I use the configurator every day. It makes my job easier, and more fun.

- Steve Miller, Cricket Valley Structures

It is the best software for the purpose intended on the market. Support is superb and I would highly recommend it.

- Charles Wilson, Genesis Portable Buildings

The ease of the 3D configurator gets people to buy more options. As they play around with it, they add things that they normally wouldn't. Suddenly it becomes something they're going to purchase.

- Jon Bartolotta, New England Outdoor

IdeaRoom increases our margin per square foot and the size of our geographic region for each sales location.

- Josh Payne, Shed Depot NC

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